A Sample of My Writings


Red Shoes

Excerpt from upcoming book Black and Kiddo

Growing good food is what my father did best. He didn’t own any land of his own, but he leased or sharecropped whatever he could get hold of and coaxed it into giving up bright red tomatoes or luscious ripe watermelons or the sweetest sweet...


Balancing Buzzards

I’ve never cared for turkey buzzards. I cringe and look away when I see them munching roadkill on the highway, their naked red heads exposed to the world. My husband says the consummate scavengers have a job to do and should...


Toad's Song

Susan sat at her stainless steel breakfast table, watching morning spread across the wide expanse of the farm. Her view was framed by the six-foot triple window squarely in front of her. Two cups of coffee were getting cold. Olive Kitteridge, the book...