Black & Kiddo

A True Story of Dust, Determination, and Cowboy Dreams



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RELEASE DATE for Paperback and E-Book:  August 15, 2018

Audio Book and Limited Edition Hardback available February, 2019

Hear the music of a singing cowboy---who almost becomes Roy Rogers---as he finds love with a hat-wearing quirky lady. Their coming-of-age stories converge revealing lives honed by life-threatening hardships in the flatlands of Texas, the high plains of New Mexico, and the green hills of the Arkansas Ozarks. In an unlikely "Land of Opportunity," their sons rise, and Black & Kiddo turn weathered hands to new work, heartened by the long arc of dreams.

Praise for Black & Kiddo: 

"I treasure this book about a man who was almost famous and the feisty woman who was the love of his life."   —Anne Hillerman, New York Times bestselling author, Cave of BonesSpider-Woman's Daughter
"This true American saga captures the spirit of the West and makes a music of eternal hope. A heartening tale thick with humor, honesty, and insight that will deepen your sense of Home."  
—Max Evans, The Rounders, The Hi Lo Country