“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” 

-Mary Oliver

That’s what I do. I am an observer. I pay attention. I am astonished at the enormity and depth of what I experience every day, all the days, and baffled by how much I don’t know. I struggle to understand what comes my way and then I must, I must ‘tell about it’. I am a storyteller. Through words flowing from my fingers, my inner process connects me—heart and soul—to those I will never meet, maybe to you.

I am a writer of memoir and creative non-fiction. Raised in the South, I write about nature and my own humorous life, Southern-fried with crispy critters. Other times I write about the sunbaked, dusty West that lives within my husband. For six years I have researched and written about his cowboy father and hat-wearing idiosyncratic mother, now culminating in a book, Black & Kiddo.


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